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Sustainable bags and accessories with functional simplicity.

Durability and lightness. Easing your day.

Every Ninimal product is made from strong materials with high quality elaboration. Suitable for everyday activities.


Zero-waste tailoring.
For a greener Earth.

15% of the fabric used by the fashion industry ends up in the landfill. Ninimal products doesn’t produce any waste, because every detail of the product patterns are engineered to use 100% of the fabric.


Made from pineapple leaf fibre. An innovative natural textile.

The pineapple leaves (made by Piñatex®) are sourced from the byproduct of existing agriculture. It is an animal-free material with low environmental impact. On top of that non of the products use toxic glue or chemicals.


Responsible production. Supporting local resources.

Each product is created in Budapest by local manufacturing. Every person in the production is fairly honoured for their quality work and time.